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Web, App, and Game Developer

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  • RR Partners

    R&R Partners

    The primary internet presence of the Las Vegas-based advertising agency R&R Partners.

    R&R Partners

    R&R Partners.com is a highly interactive HTML5 website built on top of Wordpress. It needed to be highly dynamic, lightning fast, and ulta modern, while allowing for user customization using the CMS backend.

    Being primary online presence for the company responsible for the award winning "What Happens Here, Stays Here" campaign, the website needed to show the company's commitment to modern, and sophisticated design. Themes and Plugins alike were creted from scratch to accomodate all of the custom functionality.

  • Arizona Summit Law School

    Arizona Summit Law School

    The Arizona Summit Law School website provides information for incoming students and alumni alike.

    Arizona Summit Law School

    The Arizona Summit Law School website is built using all of the latest web technologies, and boasts more than 200 pages. The site makes etensive use of the CSS3 transform libraries.

    The site also acts as an information hub for new students and alumni. Making sleek content delivery a top priority.

  • Arizona Office of Tourism

    Arizona Office of Tourism

    Part of a larger nurture campaign intended to entice new visitors to the state of Arizona.

    Arizona Office of Tourism

    Part of a larger campaign intended to entice visitors with the allure of the state of Arizona. It is fully responsive, with a custom-built slideshow.

    The major focus of the campaign was to tell the story of the wonders of Arizona.

  • State Press

    ASU State Press

    The best source for all news regarding ASU and the surrounding area.

    ASU State Press

    The ASU State Press website is home to more than 3000 individual news stories, written by the students themselves. Speed and readability were major factors when evaluating how best to deliver the content.

    It is built on top of Wordpress, and aims to be lighting-fast.

  • Boeing International

    Boeing International

    Boeing's international presence involves fifteen websites, twelve languages, and multiple web servers.

    Boeing International

    The vast scope of the Boeing International project, lead to a massive undertaking to completely revamp their online presence. It consists of more than fifteen websites, each with custom and unique content.

    The websites are built on top of Kentico, and work seamlessly in every browser from IE6+. Right-to-left languages were also a major consideration when determining the structural needs of the ecosystem.

  • Boeing's New Airplane

    Boeing's New Airplane

    Boeing's NewAirplane site provides information and news about its newest family members and their accomplishments.

    Boeing's New Airplane

    The New Airplane site is a unique mix of information, media, and showmanship. It receives hundreds of thousands of visitors a month, and remains one of Boeing's most visited sites.


So... About Me

I like to make cool things

I am a computer programmer. I like to make things responsive, or dynamic, or massive, or fast, or any combination. I like to make any project that I am a part of interesting and unique.

I generally create things using web technologies, and I have been doing so for over 7 years. I use HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, .NET, C#, PHP, and SQL to make cool and unique experiences.

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Game Design with a heavy emphasis in programming, and I enjoy creating mobile games in my free time.

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